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endless opportunities to save time and money

Flowable fill is a self-leveling, self-compacting controlled low-strength material for filling voids around utilities without requiring tamping or compacting. Because it has a high slump (very wet), it flows easily into voids for complete back filling, especially around utilities. This saves you time and money in compacting equipment, labor, and testing. Also, we have the capability to produce proprietary mixes. Contact us today to learn more!

Common applications of flowable fill include:

Save Time, Money, and Manpower

Because it is difficult to measure the amount of fill you need, Quality-Crete can save you money. By paying for what you use rather than what you order, you will save hundreds and even thousands of dollars each day. Plus, there is no wasted material.

Have hundreds or thousands of yards to pour? Consider Quality-Crete as a load on-site option to keep your crew and equipment rolling. No more waiting for multiple trucks throughout the day! Your job is our priority when we dedicate our trucks to your project.

We also offer a proprietary quick-setting flowable fill that can set up in 30 minutes or less. Not only will it save you time, money, and valuable manpower, it will eliminate metal plates, reduce days of traffic control, and result in fewer mobilizations to get your project completed quicker.

At the simple press of a button, we can switch from full-strength concrete to any of our flowable fill mixes and back again as your product requires.

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